Deleted Rmd file in R

I just deleted my Rmd file that had all of my plots, is there any way to recover this file in R? @LindsayHayes @mmccoy

Also, I am trying to make a new markdown file in R so I can start rewriting the code just in case I can’t recover the file, but every time I try to save the file it says error saving, so I tried copying one of my draft files and working off of that but it is also saying “disk quota exceeded”

That means that the disk has ran out of storage space. You can use the commands df -h and du -h in the terminal to see what is taking up space.

You only have 10GB of space in your personal persistent directory. If you have some files in there you don’t need anymore clear them out so you stay below 10GB.

Though, I looked at your directory and you are well within the 10GB limits.

What file was lost?

Hope that helps!

Could you please provide the complete file path to the file you lost? We might be able to retrieve it from the backup.

Could you please check how much space left on your storage by clicking ‘view quotas’ on SciServer/Files tab(See image below) and let me know?

I have plenty of space and the student’s folders also had plenty of space.

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Hi! @jkim , I’m so sorry for the late response, I’m not sure why, but I don’t get discourse notifications even though they’re turned on in settings. The path for the file that I lose was " ~/workspace/Storage/Anastasia_Khalilova/persistent/220407-ath_mmu_epi_0010053.Rmd" and it says in View Quotas that I’ve used 10GB out of 10GB. The last part of that path after “persistent” is sort of guessed, I still have the nb.html file from the Rmd file but I don’t remember if I changed the name of the Rmd file slightly after I edited it some more and before I deleted it.

Could you please report your issue with deleted RMD file (what you replied me above) to SciServer help desk? Its email address is
In this way, the SciServer team can directly communicate with you.
Thank you.

Okay, I will, thank you!