Help with e!Ensembl

I’ve been looking at mice genes using e!Ensembl and I’ve using the ontologies section on the left hand side of the website for each of the genes to better understand their biological, molecular and cellular processes. Last week I was looking at some Act and Atn genes and their biological processes, but yesterday and today I went back to double check something but the ontologies section is no longer available. I tried looking at some other random genes, and no matter what mouse gene I look at, for some reason the ontology section is no longer available for all of them. I’m so confused, has e!Ensembl gotten rid of this for all their mice genes? It’s still available for the e!EnsemblPlants website that I use to check the biological processes Arabidopsis genes have, but I can no longer access it on the e!Ensembl for mice.

Ensembl 106 was just released April 12th so perhaps they are still working on the ontology section

You can view Ensembl 105 via the archive

Unfortunately, I think I heard that they discontinued this feature. Your best bet is probably to use the Ensembl 105 archive that @cutsort linked.

Okay, thank you, I’ll use that instead @cutsort . Do you know if there was a reason they discontinued it? Was the ontology information unreliable/inaccurate? @mmccoy

I may be wrong–I was thinking specifically of the dN/dS scores, which are used to estimate the conservation of an ortholog between species. They discontinued this in release 100, which was back in 2020. Perhaps they are just a little slow in adding this to the new release, as @cutsort said.