ScpX: A Peroxisomal Gene and its Distinctive Paralogs -- Poster by Michael Zlaket Biol11-A SP23

What I Did
The gene ScpX, and its homolog SCP2, were compared against its paralogs and their own homologs in humans in order to demonstrate the reason behind their difference in function within the body and their similar differential expression in D. Melanogaster. C-MOOR tutorials, FlyBase, and the Human Protein Atlas was utilized in order to gather information about expression and function in order to make connections and differences between these genes.

How You Can Help
You can help by looking into the metabolic pathways that these paralogs are involved using KEGG pathways. Additionally, if you have access to a laboratory, you are able to work with D. Melanogaster empirically to see how they might react similar or different in response to changes in environmental conditions within the midgut cells.