Tyrosine Kinase Expression in the Midgut Suggests a Role in the Copper Region -- Poster by Marissa Meraz, Kyle Stansell, Sevag Poladian Bio 11A SU23

What I did

Analyzed the expression of tyrosine kinases in the midgut of Drosophila melanogaster, specifically the copper region. We hypothesized that the gene we studied would be equally expressed across the midgut, and found it was actually differentially expressed.

How you can help
While we came to the conclusion that the Src42A gene likely has a specialized function in the copper region, we aren’t able to study what that function might be. Further research could be done on the gene to discover its role in the midgut. I like how our poster represents that the data you find isn’t always going to support your hypothesis, and that’s okay!