Zombie Apocalypse Survival Strategy

During the zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice and who would be your sidekick?

My weapon will be a bat and my sidekick will be someone I trust and can depend on .

During every zombie movie, the main characters have some type of shotgun. Even though I’ve never used one, I’m sure the adrenaline of a zombie apocalypse would push me to aim well. My sidekick would have to be my boyfriend so that I’m not lonely during the end of humanity.

My weapon of choice would probably be a crossbow. I feel like the silence of using a crossbow and being able to reuse or make new arrows would be pretty ideal in a zombie apocalypse and that way you can also avoid getting close to the zombies. My ideal sidekick would be probably my dog. She can sense danger from a mile away and also has a great nose for smelling out food and keeping an ear out for suspicious noises.

During a zombie apocalypse, I would pick a fragmentation grenade as my weapon of choice and for my sidekick I would pick a dog.

During a zombie apocalypse, I would prefer a crossbow because it feels more user-friendly than a bow and arrow. My sidekick would probably be a family member because they have far more survival skills than I do.

I would use a nuclear bomb and just end everything to be honest. My sidekick would be Jesus Christ because he’s plugged.

My weapon of choice would probably be a firearm of some sort, I’m not really sure which kind because I don’t know much about weapons. My sidekick of choice would probably be a botanist or farmer that way they could grow food for us.

If I had to choose a weapon to survive a zombie apocalypse I’d probably select some sort of automatic gun that hopefully defeats the zombies when they come after me. Then, as my sidekick, I’d probably choose my mom since she knows everything.

If I were caught up in a zombie apocalypse I would probably use a katana for close combat and probably an AK platform rifle for long range. For a side kick I would say the safest choice would be Bear Grylls or some other survival expert

For a weapon, I’ll take a hydrogen bomb and for a sidekick, I want someone who knows how to survive a hydrogen bomb going off in their face.

It’s almost certainly going to be caused by a virus, right? I want a vaccine for a weapon and Dr. Katalin Karikó for a sidekick so I can keep getting fresh boosters.

My weapon would be a button that eliminates all zombies on the same planet as me and my sidekick would be my dog.

My weapon of choice would be a full infinity gauntlet and my sidekick would be Thanos. I’ve been watching a lot of marvel lately!