Who is your favorite super hero and why?

What powers or qualities do you like about this hero?

Jessica Jones because she is indestructible, direct, and doesn’t take attitude from anyone. :mechanical_arm:

My favorite super hero would have to be Batman. He’s ruthless against the bad guys and all of his “super powers” comes from the insane amounts of technology he has in the bat cave.

I might be dating myself, but mine is Wonder Woman!! because she’s awesome, beautiful, and SMART. But mostly because I ran around as a kid with aluminum brackets! My best friend’s brother was always the villain we had to defeat!

The only superhero that I can think about right now is Antman so I guess that is going to be my answer. I like(?) Antman because he took a lot of risks that could have killed him in order to protect his daughter and the wife of someone he barely knew. There’s also a really funny scene in the first movie where they’re at a presentation for super brand new science technology and there’s an attack and they’re like oh my gosh what can we do and then a keychain turns into a whole tank and everyone is like ???where did the tank come from???

My favorite superhero is the Marvel Universe’s iconic Black Widow because she is fiercely independent (to a fault) and has great hair. Additionally, this is the last movie I watched, so I cannot think of any other female superhero I would claim to support.

Deadpool- I love antiheros. They are strangly more relatable than perfect characters and therefore more accesable.

My favorite superhero is Batman! Honestly, he may have been born into a rich family however he decided to use his money to save Gotham. He transformed his identity and became what the city needed. He never turned down or ran from a fight, regardless as to how hard it may have been. Batman took control of his life and never said “he couldn’t do it” instead he made the impossible, possible

My favorite super hero is Ironman and the reason he’s my favorite is because he is smart and learns from his mistakes, he has the qualities of a superhero