The Co-Expression of the Lefty Genes -- Poster by Yaneth Perez BIOL12 SU22

What I Did
The Lefty genes first interested me because of their name. And through my research, I found that the lefty genes are kept to the left side of the embryo during development. But despite having the same name (lefty1 and lefty2), they don’t seem to directly interact. My most recent research poster looks further into identifying if and where their co-expression takes place.
How You Can Help
There’s more research that can be done about these genes using data analysis. Following these genes during the first stage (and cell type) of gastrulation that they show up to the stage where they are no longer coexpressed can help us understand how they work together. One of my favorite things about science is that there will always be a gap in knowledge and previous work that can be expanded on.

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