Embryonic Development of Neural Tissues/Pathways?

I was looking at the UMAP in R and how it is color coded by cell type, are any of these cell types associated with development of the nervous system in embryonic mice? The development of caudal neuroectoderm cells are supposedly the first step in the development of an embryo’s nervous system and I was wondering if any of the other cell types in cellxgene within the stages of development that we are analyzing are associated with neural development. I’m trying to find genes that are expressed in these cell types and find their orthologs in genes that regulate root growth in Arabidopsis and genes that regulate Arabidopsis’s response to stimulus. If I can find any orthologs that are expressed this way, I wanted to compare the pathways that they are involved in in both Mus musculus and Arabidopsis thaliana.

As you mentioned there is both caudal and rostral neuroectoderm which is your best bet. The ExE ectoderm forms extra embryonic material such as the placenta. The surface ectoderm may contribute to craniofacial structures and skin. I found this website that was informative.

Thank you @LindsayHayes !